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MAAKPLAATS-INFO (2), Popeldag 1 juni 2018: Meer Magt voor buurtgemeenschappen door community based politiewerk

Meer Magt voor buurtgemeenschappen door communitybased politiewerk
More power to neighbourhood-communities 11-12.30 a.m.
The Police are often working with citizens; in neighbourhood watch teams, crime prevention projects and working together in social neighbourhood teams. There are many ways of participation with most of them being about crime prevention. Could this work be extended further? Could Police, who are working in service of neighbourhood communities, become even more a part of those communities? Could they start asking different questions? Does focusing on the assets and strengths in a community lead to safer neighbourhoods?

The Police of Gloucestershire are training their teams in Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) in partnership with a local charity, Barnwood Trust. Initial results from Police working differently with citizens are very promising. For example in one community Police supported a group of worried parents to set up a youth group. In six months the project has grown and seen over 90 children on the books and a 28% drop in anti-social behaviour compared to the same period last year.
Philip Booth from Barnwood Trust in Gloucestershire (www.barnwoodtrust.org), who works as a Guide supporting community building in Gloucestershire, is among the team that is training the Gloucestershire Police to use ABCD. Philip also mentors three Police and Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) who have been seconded to Barnwood Trust for over two years. These PCSOs will go back to the Police in January 2019 to further develop the Police community work. In the Popeldag-workshop Philip shares information about the training, the journey and the experiences of the Gloucestershire Police with asset based community work. You are invited to talk about that, together with him and the Schiedam police.  Working language of this workshop is English. 

Op de ABCD-Popeldag zijn er 10 Maakplaatsen: 5 in de ochtend en 5 in de middag. Je kunt je ter plekke voor twee daarvan opgeven. Deze Maakplaats is er één van. Meer informatie over de andere Maakplaatsen vind je de komende dagen op deze site: www.wijzijnabcd.nl 

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