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The Worm Story of John McKnight “I love to go to the West of Ireland to the little villages. Last year we rented a little house there with a lake nearby. I love fish and wanted to go fishing, but I didn't have any bait, so I went to a little store in the village and asked the gentleman there: 'Do you have any bait?' He asked: 'What do you mean by 'bait'?' 'Well', I said, 'like worms.' He couldn't believe it. He said: 'On your way to my store, did you see those three big white stones? I think if you go out there and turn one of these stones around, you'll find a lot of worms.' This is the great, great lesson of my own: 'All around you there is everything you are looking for'. Which is hard to see if you think the way to have a good life is to buy it. So that's why, being a consumer, you never see what's there.“
Cormac Russell, Managing director of Nurture Development, explains the philosophy that lies behind Asset Based Community Development (ABCD.)
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